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PoS mining

What is PoS?

It's Abbreviation for “Proof Of Stake”. VIPSTARCOIN is PoS Ver3 (Drawing PoS).
It is an interest rate mechanism that is paid according to the amount of VIPS stored in your PC wallet. Because it is paid by lottery, it does not mean that you can always win and receive it.
The VIPS that you can receive at Pos depends on the amount of VIPS you own. If you have Large amount of VIPS, it's the higher chance of winning.
Currently, you can not do PoS on Android wallet and Web wallet. It's require PC wallet for PoS.
PoS distribution scheduled to be completed in 53,611,200 blocks

Confirmation points for PoS

PoS is available only for PC version wallet.
You can check the lightning mark on the lower right of the wallet to see if pos is currently possible. There is no problem if it is black.

If it looks like the NG example, please check the following.

  • Available Balance is less than 100VIPS → PoS requires more than 100VIPS
  • The wallet is completely encrypted(locked) → Unlock Wallet for staking only in “Setting” menu

(It is recommended to put a check mark on “For staking only” for the purpose of unlocking only for PoS)

  • Verification of the deposited coin has not been completed → Wait until the 501 times verification by the VIPS network is completed


Q: Available balance decreased
A: Pos probability increases as you have more VIPS. For making the fair lottering , If you win PoS, a part of VIPS you own will be locked, and the available VIPS will be reduced for the next PoS lottering.
If you repeatedly win Pos, the amount of locked VIPS also increases and the apparent available VIPS decreases. There is no change in the total holding amount. The locked VIPS will be restored to available balance after the block has been verified 501 times on the network.
If you want to avoid this, you can set specify the amount you don't want to be sent to PoS (VIPs not to be staked)in the Menu → Options → Main tab.

Q: The PoS reward you got is gone
A: PoS mining (lottery drawing) on the network is first-come-first-served. If several people generate one PoS block at the same time, it may mean that there is no PoS reward.


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