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PC wallet FAQ

Wallet trouble

The wallet window does not appear


  • The wallet is started on a Windows computer, but the wallet-window is not displayed.
  • The wallet icon is displayed on the taskbar (it is activated).


  • The wallet window may be in “Out of the screen” condition. Try the following methods:
    1. Place the mouse cursor on the wallet icon on the taskbar and wait for 1-2 seconds
    2. Right-click on the displayed wallet preview
    3. Click “Move”
    4. If “Move” is grayed out and cannot be clicked, click “Return to original size” and then perform the same procedure again.
    5. Press the right arrow key once and then move the mouse

Launched wallet but not responding


  • Started the wallet, wallet displayed on screen, but there is no response, and nothing can be done.


VIPS wallet has not completed blockchain synchronization

  • After starting the wallet, blockchain synchronization is required. In this case, wallet screen display and may stop responding until synchronization is complete.
  • You will be able to operate wallet once synchronization is complete. Please wait.
  • (Tips)
    • To check if the synchronization is progressing, check the update date of the following file. Open log file and scrall dwon to the end of file. If it is the latest date and timestamps, synchronization is progressing.
      • (For Windows) %appdata%\VIPSTARCOIN\debug.log
      • (For MAC) $HOME/Library/Application\ Support/VIPSTARCOIN/debug.log

I tried to start the wallet, but the message "Cannot get lock" is displayed and the wallet cannot be started


  • I tried to start the wallet, but the following message appears like that and I cannot start it.
    • “Unable to get lock on data directory C: \ xxx \ VIPSTARCOIN. Perhaps VIPSTARCOIN CORE is running.”
    • “VIPSTARCOIN CORE is not running.” (It also occurs when the first wallet is started after restarting the PC)


The lock file remains in the specified folder, and it is in case of the same state as double startup

  • Delete the following file, and then restart wallet.
    • (For Windows) %appdata%\VIPSTARCOIN\.lock
    • (For MAC)$HOME/Library/Application\ Support/VIPSTARCOIN/.lock


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