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VIPSTARCOIN(VIPS)は5チャンネルニュー速VIP板発祥の仮想通貨(暗号資産)です。 独自の国産仮想通貨として多目的に利用されること、 ひいては寄付への利用で世界に貢献することを目指して開発が進んでいます。
詳しくはサイドバーのSave the Childrenをご覧ください。
VIPSはSMART CONTRACTおよびTOKEN生成機能を持ち、送金速度が速く、送金手数料の安価な優れた仮想通貨です。

また、本コミュニティとは別に株式会社VIPSTARという企業が存在しています。 コミュニティと株式会社VIPSTARは直接の関係にはありませんが、互いに協力してVIPS発展のために活動しています。

VIPSは仮想通貨取引所やディスコード内で入手することが出来ます。 現在は法定通貨との直接取引は行われておらず、他の仮想通貨との交換となります。 しかしながら今後の法定通貨との直接取引も視野に入れた活動がなされています。





VIPSTARCOIN (VIPS) is a virtual currency that originated in the Internet community.

It has been developed as a unique virtual currency made in Japan, and is still being developed with the aim of contributing to multipurpose use and global donation use.
VIPS has SMART CONTRACT and TOKEN generation capabilities. VIPS is a good virtual currency with fast remittance speed and low fees.
Most recently, an experiment on atomic swap was successfully performed between VIPS and MONA.
The official site of the coin is at the following link.

In addition to this VIPS community, there is a company called VIPSTAR Co., Ltd.
Community and VIPSTAR Co., Ltd. are different organizations, however, they cooperate with each other to work on the development of VIPS.
This sentence has been prepared by members of the VIPS community.

You can get VIPS on the cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, there are no direct transactions with legal currencies. However, VIPS is working on the goal of future direct transactions with legal currency.

There are english page as follows,
Wallet generalPC_walletAndroid_walletweb_wallet (for mobile iOS), PoS miningPoW mining.
We also created a page on what kind of donation projects we are implementing.Save the children.
Please read each page.

※ VIPS is 5ch fan currency and has nothing to do with 5ch operation.

We do not have any warranty obligation for the damage caused to you.

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