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Save the Children

A New attempt
~ Direct support for on-site charities using VIPSTARCOIN ~

For “Unselected” Children

The VIPSTARCOIN (VIPS) community is affiliated with the MSM Moore Foundation.

MSM Moore Foundation (MSMMF) is Ghana government official recognition, a non-profit independent professional association that represents a diverse membership of approximately 400 health education professionals and students in 32 towns Africa.
MSMMF accepts donations in virtual currency. The benefits is because virtual currency serves as local merchant accepting payments.

MSMMF assist children to learn basic English and math, also public schools build intimacy as well as help while having unique opportunities to experience student and staff activities. Also conducts neonatal protection activities in hospitals.

MSMMF members work in schools, universities, voluntary organizations, health care facilities, workplaces, and in local and state governments and state agencies.

In particular, MSMMF is actively providing support to “unselected children” who can not receive the support of a large NGO.
VIPS community is sympathetic to MSMMF's philosophy and is acting to support MSMMF's activities in Ghana.
We feel the need to help people in need. We also understand the importance of scrutinizing our actions and the effectiveness of charitable organizations that receive our donations.

The history of VIPS and MSM Moore Foundation

In 2018, VIPSTARCOIN (VIPS) was developed based on the concept of “Let's buy fun” in JAPAN, with the goal of being used in various applications. Among these are contributions to the world by using donations.

In 2019, a representative of MSMMF (Mr. Maxi) suddenly joined the VIPS community, and began to raise VIPS donation.
Because it was a sudden thing, the community initially suspected that this was a fraud, but VIPS community members made donations with the their characteristics of enthusiasm and optimism.

The community has confirmed that MSMMF has donated notes to students using the donation as a fund.
The VIPS community surveyed the MSMMF and added many communication opportunities. In addition, we confirmed that the donations we made were properly delivered to those seeking help, so we became confident that MSMMF was a credible organization.

Direct support for on-site charities using VIPSTARCOIN
Furthermore, Maxi negotiated with the government of SEKRUWA with the aim of making effective use of donations using VIPS. As a result, VIPS was recognized as an authorized currency that can be used in the city. So MSMMF can use VIPS to purchase goods from local marchant .

This means that VIPS donations can help people in need and promote the local economy.
Your VIPS donations will be delivered directly to the on-site support group without any intervention on the way.
Also when making a donation using the VIPS wallet, you can attach a short message to the support organization. Those who receive VIPS can view your messages in their wallet transaction history.

About future activities of VIPSTARCOIN and MSM Moore Foundation.
The MSMMF is giving a lecture on virtual currency VIPS in the public school of SEKRUWA city regarding donation by VIPS, and strives to deepen its spread and understanding. We believe these events are something of a historical origin as a virtual currency.
We have received a word of thanks from the deputy mayor of Sekwara and we are convinced that our actions were not wrong.

Currently, VIPS, MSMMF and Sekwara City are planning to combine their abilities to make this donation system more effective.
If this system becomes pervasive in Ghana, the good intentions of many can be delivered directly to those seeking help.

The VIPS community is still in contact with MSMMF and is making new action to protect newborns.
On June 2019, Cape Cast Teaching Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) received donation from MSM Moore Foundation.
With this donation, MSMMF appealed the needs of NICU to the VIPS community, and the VIPS community responded to the request.

NICU is received donation of refrigerator, washing machine, diapers and children clothing’s. The refrigerator will enable the unit to store breast milk, for the babies whiles, the washing machine will be used to wash babies clothing.

As a result of dedicated support to the Republic of Ghana by the VIPS community and VIPS holders, we established a cooperation system with BM Max Enterprise, which is represented by Maximoore, CEO of MSM Moore foundation (MSM).
We think that VIPS donations are considered to have contributed not only to Ghana but also to society by building a “new form of donation” that is quick and low-cost remittance regardless of borders and distances.

We will continue to do what we can do until this donation system is established.
However, The power of community members alone can not save all people. Please lend me your strength.
The VIPS community, including this donation system, has been working to develop VIPSTARCOIN so that it can be used in a variety of ways as it is recognized as a more developed and useful one.

“Let's have fun”, this is the concept of VIPSTARCOIN and VIPS community.

Anything you can do, please shape your “fun” with VIPSTARCOIN.

MSMMF's VIPSTARCOIN donations Address


or QR Code.

You can confirm the official website of MSMMF to see if this donation address is valid.


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